Sauced Up Chef James Rucker Got it on lock


I am Chef James Rucker a Houston based Chef that has his own day in the city. Catering to Houston and surrounding areas to give his best is all areas of food a lifestyle.

Proclamation Day

The day I got my own day in the City of Houston Texas. Gave to me from our own Houston Mayor Mr. Sylvester Turner
Dedicated to My Mother thank you 🙏 Rest in Heaven

First Celebrity Client

Paul Wall has been a great supporter of my business and I do the same with his business also. A great man that has a blessed heart. Thanks Paul Wall the people Champ

Second Celebrity Jeweler

Johnny Dang has blessed the city plus the world with his jewelry but the most one I know that he love My Food best ribs and smoked meats
Thank you Johnny Dang Tv Johnny

Third Celebrity Client

CStone Ceo of Bwmg is great big hearted friend he has supported my vision and love the way I handle my business plus love my meals Private Chef work
Thank you BWMG CEO

He didn’t know 😂

When you try us this how you will Be also thanks 🙏. King David we have some great food

News Day for May 5

Maggie from Channel 39 came to the Bowlmor and had a wonderful time in the kitchen

News Day 2 with Fox’s 26 Isiah Carey

Speaking about a good friend that got Murder During Houston May Flood in 2015

Giving Back News Day Fox’s 26

Given back is what I love to do that’s why I’m Chef James Rucker I was blessed to be apart of Social Good in Action they give back so every one keep Diana in your prayers 🙏

Chef James Rucker Clips of 2017